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Livejamie Martin
17 July 1985
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4hero, ace of base, acoustic alchemy, adam f, altered perception, amon tobin, ansi, aphex twin, appogee, art of noise, atb, audio bullys, barenaked ladies, beady belle, being very cool, belle & sebastian, ben folds, ben kweller, black eyed peas, brainbug, bt, bubba sparxxx, buck 65, busta rhymes, cake, calexico, causing a ruckus, chemical brothers, cinematic orchestra, composing, crystal method, cuddling, daft punk, dane cook, dario g, dave matthews band, david holmes, deepsky, depeche mode, design, diggable planets, dimitri from paris, dj cam, dj logic, dj shadow, dj stompy, djing, do make say think, dr dre, drama, duran duran, eiffel 65, electric six, emporor norton records, erasure, erlend oye, etienne de crecy, faithless, fantastic plastic machine, fatboy slim, felix da housecat, ferry corsten, flight of the conchords, flogging molly, four tet, freezepop, future homosapiens, ghost in the machine, giles peterson, goldie, gorillaz, guardians of the earth, handsome boy modeling school, herbie hancock, horse the band, hot hot heat, hybrid, improv, indiefucks, james brown, jazzanova, jimmy eat world, jungle logic, junior senior, keane, kid koala, kinobe, koop, lagoona, le tigre, lemon jelly, les rythmes digitales, linkin park, lo fidelity allstars, lovespirals, ltj bukem, making squeeky noises, mandei ellsworth the starlet, max raabe, metric, michael jackson, minimalistix, mint royale, minus 8, ok go, outkast, ozma, pablo fransisco, peshay, photography, propellerheads, rahzel, raymond wave, reggieandthefulleffect, rilo kiley, rjd2, robert miles, root beer tapper, saul williams, sayhitoyourmom, scout finch, sigur ros, something corporate, squarepusher, st. germain, tahiti 80, the arcade fire, the beatles, the critic, the cynic project, the fiery furnaces, the format, the go reflex, the jayhawks, the lovely jamie martin, the marvelous cindy lewis, the new pornographers, the notwist, the postal service, the roots, tosca, trancenden, ugly duckling, unkle, vinylgroover, yellowcard, you, zero 7, zoot woman

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